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Goats Wed 26th Jul 2023
Goats - Opening Notes

Important Note for Goat Exhibitors
Procedure for Movement of Northern Ireland Goats into and out of Shows
Identification - For Moves to and from a Show
All goats, irrespective of their date of birth, must be identified and comply with the Sheep and Goats Identification Regulations. All goats and kids must be identified correctly before arriving at the Show. Goats
arriving at the Show without identification will be refused admittance.
Movement - Goats Going to a Show - See Annex C
Movement of goats to Shows must be accompanied by a fully and accurately completed SG2 self-written movement document. The individual identification numbers must be recorded on the SG2 document (it is acceptable to attach a printed schedule listing the tag numbers to the SG2). These numbers should be checked by the Show Operators against the animals presented before the animals are allowed entry to the Show. The SG2 movement documents must be stamped by the Show Secretary. The white copy must be sent to the local DAERA Direct Office at the latest by the next working day. Show Operators must have books of movement documents (SG2s) for goats and separate books for sheep.
Movement of Goats from a Show - See Annex D
The yellow copy of the SG2 provided by the Show Operator must accompany the animals back from the Show. This must include details of the Show and receiving herd, the individual tag numbers (manually added or scanned list) or be cross referenced/stapled to the pink copy of the incoming SG2 (only if the whole batch moves out at the same time). Section 3 of the outgoing SG2 must be signed by the
herd keeper. Both move in and move out white copies of the SG2 must be sent to the Show’s local DAERA Direct Office by the Show Operator within 7 days.
Procedure for Movement of Goats from the RoI into and out of Shows
Goats must have two matching identifiers, one of which must carry an EID device. Note: In order to receive goats from the RoI, the RELEVANT PART OF THE Show premises must be operating to full EU Assembly Centre Standards for goats and be approved for this purpose. ADVICE ON AND APPROVAL OF THIS MUST BE SOUGHT FROM THE LOCAL DIVISIONAL VETERINARY OFFICE As part of these requirements, RoI goats must be kept segregated from NI goats and must be re-exported directly from the Show premises to their premises of origin in the RoI as soon as the Show ends.
Goats Imported Directly into a Show Goats entering a Show will be accompanied with a Health Certificate issued by a Department Vet in the ROI which must be copied to the local DAERA Direct Office responsible for the Show. An SG2 document must be completed for the move from the RoI to the Show (Show’s own SG2 book).
Goats Re-Exported Directly from a Show
Goats being re-exported to the RoI will need to be accompanied by: Their original Health Certification suitably endorsed by the Veterinarian responsible
for the Show. Non Co-Minglement Certificate which will be issued by the Veterinarian responsible


Prizes in Goat Classes (unless otherwise stated)
1st Prize, £15; 2nd Prize, £10; 3rd Prize, £5.
All entries should be on the field by 9.15 a.m.






Entry Fee:  
Goats - Closing Notes



Class is currently closed for entry.