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Home Industries ➤ Home Baking Clogher Valley Agricultural Society 2023 - Wed, 26th Jul, 2023


  1. Each exhibitor will bake 3 items:
    (a) Banana Bread (7” Round)
    (b) Tea Brack (7” Round)
    (c) 4 Plain Scones
  2. The Items to be displayed as one exhibit on a base of 2ft x2ft approx.
  3. Points will be awarded for texture taste, and presentation.
  4. Competition is open to amateurs, male/female, and one tray to qualify per exhibitor.
  5. All items to be home made by the exhibitor.
  6. In the event of an objection and following an investigation, and if the exhibitor is deemed to be making their living from their profession, they maybe disqualified.
  7. A SuperValu Flour wrapper to be displayed with the exhibit.
  8. A special qualifying class will be held at selected shows.
  9. Two trays may qualify for the final, if judges agree that the standard is high enough.
  10. Judge’s decision will be final at all stages of the competition.
  11. Exhibits are displayed at owners risk.
  12. These rules should be read in conjunction with the ISA Rules.

Entry Fee: To Qualifying Shows £3, Final €6
Prizes: 1st €300; 2nd €200; 3rd €100; 4th €60; 5th €50; 6th €40, 7th to end of the line €25
Each of the successful qualifiers will receive a memento on appearance at the Final.
Final: Castleblaney Show on Monday 7th August 2023

Home Industries - Opening Notes


The Society will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of the Exhibits in this Marquee. 

All Vegetables, Flowers, Plants, Floral Art, Home Baking and Jam can be displayed in the Marquee either Monday 24th July from 4-8pm or Tuesday 25th July up to 11am

All Country Crafts, Home Industries, Photography, Paintings and School children’s classes MUST be displayed on Monday 24th July from 4-8 p.m

All Entry Fees £2.00 unless otherwise stated.
Prizes: 1st £10; 2nd £6; 3rd £4 (unless otherwise stated)


Home Baking - Opening Notes

All exhibits in these classes must be Home Made
Prizes: 1st Prize £10; 2nd Prize £6; 3rd Prize; £4 (unless otherwise stated)

No entries permitted on day of event.

Entry Fee:  
Home Baking - Closing Notes









Class is currently closed for entry.