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Details of Show safety Rules & Policies

Clogher Valley Agricultural Society Safety Policy

The Clogher Valley Agricultural Society - (The Society) will ensure, as far as is reasonably practical, the health and safety of all those who are affected by it's operations. The discharge of this responsibility will be an integral part of the duties and objectives of the Society. All those working for the Society either in a paid or voluntary capacity will implement this Safety Policy as far as is reasonably practical by ensuring the provision and maintenance of:-

1.) A safe environment and means of access and egress to any place within the sphere of operations of the Society.
2.) Plant and structure (provided by and catered for by the Society) which are safe and without risk to health.
3.) Such information, instruction and supervision as is necessary to ensure the health and safety of all affected by the Society's operations.
4.) Adequate first aid provision.

The above is a general statement of the health and safety policy of the Society. However detailed arrangements for safety at shows and events sponsored by the Society are laid out below.


1.) General - It is the responsibility of exhibitors, employees and the general public to co-operate fully with the Society on all matters affecting safety. The following personnel have responsibility for health and safety:-

Mr Harold Erskine - Safety Advisor and Chief Safety Steward.
Mr Harrison Boyd - Cattle Rings
Mr Philip Montgomery - Horse Rings
Mr John Chambers - Jumping Arena
Mrs Joan Boyd - Ponies
Mr Eddie Boyd - Sheep Rings
Mr Harold Erskine - Trade Stand Area
Mr. Noel Erskine - Admissions
Mr Harry Alexander - Car Parks
Mr. William Boyd - Food Hall
Mr. Gordon McLaren - Craft Marquee
Mrs F Hardy - Home Industries & Schools

However, all those working for the Society will have a responsibility for health and safety.

2.) Access - All those arriving at events sponsored by the Society will obey instructions from Society Employees. All those arriving at events are expected to drive in a safe manner.
3.) Emergency Arrangements - It is not possible to be specific about procedures arising from emergencies. in event of evacuation of the Showgrounds becoming necessary, clear instructions will be given by loud speaker. In general all those evacuated from the Showgrounds will assemble in the car parking fields. Emergency services may be alerted from the telephones in the Show Office or by informing a steward or a member of the Security Forces.

Emergency procedures for escaped or fractious animals:-

Additional ropes and leading poles may be obtained from the stewards. Any such animal will be removed to a secure and secluded pen; or the exhibitor may be requested to remove such animals from the Show. As a last resort such animals may be humnaely destroyed, if there is no other means of preventing risk to others.

Exhibits & Animals

1.) All animals are accepted for showing on the condition that they are adequately trained and acclimatised to such events. Any animal which appears to be unprepared will not be allowed to participate.
2.) All handlers, stockmen and grooms must be physically capable of controlling their animals. Stewards may instruct that another handler be appointed, if in their opinion, the original handler is not capable of adequately controlling his/her exhibit.
3.) All animals are to be securely fastened to the exhibitor's trailer or lorry trailers must be secured to vehicles. Vehicles must be parked in an orderly manner in accordance to Stewards' instructions.
4.) The Society Employs a number of veterinary surgeons whose services may be obtained by contacting a steward.
5.) Exercise and practice will be carried out in clearly designated separate sections.
6.) It is the responsibility of exhibitors to ensure that vehicles are handled in a safe manner. In particular large vehicles should be reversed in a safe manner - 2 persons must be present when vehicles are reversed.

Machinery & Trade Exhibit

All exhibited machinery must be shown in a safe manner, with all guards in place, in particular:-

1.) Unauthorised access to machinery must be prevented or discouraged. Where this is not possible the machine must be rendered incapable of accidental operation.
2.) All tines, cutting edges and rotating machinery must be securely guarded or fenced so as to ensure that no-one can approach the danger area.
3.) All hydraulically supported equipment must be securely propped and rendered incapable of accidental operation.
4.) All mobile demonstrations must be carried out in a designated area separated by adequate fencing from the general public.
5.) All electric installations will be checked by a qualified electrician. All exhibitors are reminded that extension leads should not lie exposed on the ground. Portable generators must br sited so that they do not present any hazard to visitors.
6.) Any chemicals, small machinery and other trade exhibits will be shown in a safe manner and adequately guarded from the general public to prevent contact. No dangerous substance will be allowed on display except in a sealed container. It is suggested that water should be substituted for chemicals for display purposes.

First Aid

First aid will be provided at all events of the Society by St John Ambulance Brigade & Paramedic. Additionally the Society will have a number of Honorary Doctors on call


Persistent infringement of safety procedures will cause the offenders to be removed from the Society's premises and may result in permanent disqualification.